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Amana AMEC96 – Up to 96% AFUE

Enhanced comfort is what we’ve been providing for thousands of homes across Ontario. At Sundance Home Comfort, your home heating and comfort are our priority!

High-efficiency Two-Stage Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

  1. Up to 96% AGUE
  2. Heavy-Duty Stainless Heat Exchange
  3. Two-Stage Gas Valve


Engineered Longevity

These furnaces are high-performance.

Amana® gas furnaces are engineered to produce years of reliable performance, while also saving you money with their energy efficiency. That’s because Amana® engineers have designed the perfect balance between the inputs required for heating your home—features like range size, insulation levels, an oversized draft hood and other special features that keep rising fuel prices in check. The result is a furnace so full of intelligence that it can operate while maximizing its own operational efficiency while consuming less fuel than any other furnace there is! We do all this without sacrificing comfort or safety because we know that when this happens, our clients feel confident about installing one at their home too!

Incredibly Quiet

Feel the difference with the incredibly quiet multi-speed gas furnace by Amana, designed with noise-reduction measures. Say goodbye to annoying rattles and chirps, knowing your new 100% HVAC certified model operates at less than 60 decibels during normal operation.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency equates to cost savings – it’s time to monitor the two factors which primarily decide your unit’s efficiency: its AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating; and the type of blower used in the furnace. Fortunately, the Amana holds top ranks for both!


  1. 96% AFUE
  2. Heavy-Duty Stainless Heat Exchanger
  3. Two-Stage Gas Valve
  4. Multi-Speed ECM motor
  5. Durable 110-Volt Silicon Nitride Igniter
  1. Quiet, Two-Speed, Induced-Draft Blower
  2. Color-Coded Low-Voltage Terminals
  3. Self-Diagnostic Control Board
  4. Heavy-Gauge Steel Cabinet
  5. Thermally Insulated Cabinet

Product Limited Warranty

In addition to the Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty* to the original, registered homeowner, this furnace also has a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty* on all functional parts. For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product, please click on the “consumer brochure” tab above.


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    Fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible.