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Millions of Canadians are empowering their homes with Nest + Google to create the ultimate smart home.

Nest Thermostat

It’s so smart that it knows to turn itself down when you’re not at home.

Nest Cam

For indoor and outdoor security, there’s a Nest Cam.

Nest Protect

It’s time to get more from your smoke alarm.

Yale X Nest

Check the status of your door and lock it from anywhere.


Need heat? We can help! We provide heating solutions to keep your home and business warm and comfortable.

Heating should be simple. It is important for us to ensure the installation of your new furnace will be a comfortable experience for you and your family.


Summer’s coming, but don’t sweat it. We will ensure that you will be cool and comfortable, during and after the service.

As a rental customer, you get the peace of mind knowing your equipment is new and backed up by the manufacturer’s warranty. Your relationship and trust is our priority.


Did you know not having enough insulation is one of the causes for increased energy consumption?

Step 1
Insulate attics
Step 2
Insulate basement
Step 3
Save energy bills


The maintenance of the daily operating equipment in your home should be maintained in the same way you maintain your car.

Preventing furnace breakdown.

Lower your monthly heating costs.

Keep your family safe by monitoring Carbon Monoxide leaks.