Amana ASX13

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Amana ASX13 Air Conditioner – Up to 14 Seer

Built to last the test of time, Amana cooling systems are a part of an enduring legacy which continues to deliver long lasting performance and comfort for your home. Find only the best Amana air conditioners at Sundance Home Comfort.

  1. Copeland® CoreSense Diagnostics
  2. Quiet Performance
  3. Energy Efficiency


Copeland® CoreSense Diagnostics

Now your air conditioner is not just cooling your house, it’s now protecting the investment you’ve made to keep cool. With Amana CoreSense Diagnostics’ advanced diagnostics system constantly monitoring the performance of your air conditioning system, our customer service team can diagnose repairs quickly and accurately so catastrophic failures are avoided—the green LED light on your control panel will let you know everything is working smoothly.

Quiet Performance

You need a break from the heat, but what about those operating sounds? No worries! With Amana’s Quiet Performance, you can have your cake and eat it too. Gone are high decibel noises that would disturb your pleasant environments. You’ll be able to enjoy the cool breezes without any sound interruptions.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to cooling your home, you may have thought that bigger was better. With 14 SEER cooling efficiency performance, this Amana product has all of today’s modern technology with none of yesterday’s bulky exterior. Spend extra time in air conditioning comfort without spending extra hours fighting utility bills every month!


  1. Energy-Efficient Scroll Compressor
  2. Single-Speed Condenser Fan Motor
  3. Copeland® CoreSense Diagnostics
  4. Efficient Cooling Capacity
  1. Factory-Installed Inline Filter Drier
  2. Quiet Operation
  3. Heavy-Gauge Galvanized Steel Enclosure with Sound-Control Top

Product Limited Warranty

To receive the 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty, online registration must be completed
within 60 days of installation. Online registration is not required in California or Quebec.


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    Fill out the form below and one of our experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible.